A plug-in wallet specially designed for TOP and Filecoin

Seamlessly connected to the chain ecology

Manage wallet using mnemonics and private keys

More convenient and efficient

Any TOP and Filecoin transactions can be sent via this wallet

Also supports tokens from other chains such as Filecoin

Low Cost, Hight Trust

Topia supports all shards on the TOP chain, including EVM-compatible shard. Although Metamask can also access the EVM-compatible shard, Topia still has its own unique features.

Unlike Metamask, which preferentially uses ETH for transaction fees, Topia uses the native TOP tokens as the transaction fee. For the same transfer operation, using Topia is much cheaper than using Metamask.

But don't worry, if you still use Metamask to perform transfer operations on EVM-compatible shard, TOP tokens will be deducted as the transaction fee first if you have TOP tokens in your account, and it will be cheaper than using ETH as transaction fee.